School-Community Partnersips

Jane Edwards Elementary is fortunate to be located in a gracious and giving community. These organizations have partnered with us to make memorable moments for our students. 

Barnes & Nobles: We’ve, also, been recipients of Barnes & Nobles’ Community Day and Clifford, The Big Red Dog, has come to visit. And, yes, on National Reptile Day folks from the Edisto Serpentarium have brought snakes, lizards, and turtles to promote reading of nonfiction. 


Begin with Books Chapter: There is an active Begin with Books chapter in the community. This provides a book each month for each child from birth through age four. Books are mailed to each home.

Boat Building: For the last five years, a faithful group of volunteers has worked with older students to build a skiff or canoe from scratch. They include learning activities such as a vocabulary word wall, learning logs, and numerous mathematical activities during their time together.

Fun to Read: Two years ago with Llama, Llama Red Pajama we wore pajamas to school. Students embrace reading when there is fun attached. 

Google Club: One of our volunteers sponsors the CS First Google Club. This year’s module will be “Storytelling”, the chance to use code to write their own story. This volunteer will, also, work with a small group to research and write articles for the local paper.

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record: We annually participate in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record designed to be the world’s largest shared reading experience. Each classroom gets the book to add to their class library, teachers receive lesson plans to support the book, and the Edisto Librarian frequently reads the book to the students. We try to make a big day of it.

King’s Daughters and Sons:Two years ago the International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons had their annual conventin in North Charleston. The local chapter requested books for our students. Each member brought books. We received over 500 books at the end of the school year. Our students selected 5-8 (or more) books to take home to put in their home library.


Volunteers: Numerous volunteers give their time each week to read with students. Reading in our student-crafted boat is everyone’s favorite.