Miss Bryant

I am excited to be working with each of your children this school year.

We have just wrapped a science unit about weather and are working with the concepts greater/less in math.

In ELA we have studied the letters A, E, H, K, M, R, and S. We have learned about rhyming words, authors and illustrators, beginning sounds and last week we began learning sight words.

Your child should be able to read the words I, a, am, at, as, I'm, is, it, if, See,  and Me. Their sight word strength should be increasing daily and if you are able to study them with your child he/she will move at an even greater capacity in their reading groups, which begin next week!

Thank you for visiting my web page - feel free to contact me and come for a visit one day to see what new explorations we are having!

-Miss Bryant

                                          Bus Girl