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No More Incomplete Assignments!!
Posted on 11/12/2014
Panther StudentPanther MascotCompletion Center: 

Students are required to complete all assignments given.  If they choose not to, they are required to attend our Thursday afternoon Completion Center to complete missing assignments.  As a parent, if this causes an inconvenience for you, you may then want to insist your child complete every assignment given.  Unacceptable completions include illegible writing, any old answer written down just to have the appearance of “completion”, and assignments a parent has completed for a child.  Giving a student a zero on a missing assignment does not give us the chance to see what the child knows or needs additional help with.  Our bottom-line intention is to be sure your child learns as much as he or she can this year.  I feel confident that every parent wants their child to receive as much instruction/practice as he/she needs to learn the standards.  You will be notified in writing or by phone if you need to attend with your child.  Please check your child’s agenda or homework folder daily for such notification.  (This opportunity is supported by and has been approved by my supervisor, Dr. James Winbush.)