Edisto Island Junior History Detectives

The Edisto Island Junior History Detectives:

The History Detectives is an after school program that meets weekly to discover and preserve the cultural heritage of Edisto Island and the Lowcountry. Through a partnership with the Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society and Museum as well as Communities In Schools, Jane Edwards students work as a team to uncover the past. Each week volunteers and students head out for field work involving local, state and national history. Students began learning about the Point of Pines Slave Cabin in 2010 and have continued to focus on discovering local history at Crawford Plantation. Recently, the Point of Pines Slave Cabin has been relocated to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. where it will be the focal point of the new African American History Museum.

Along with learning about their shared history students develop leadership and communication skills and become active participants in their own community. We hope to include many more students in years to come.