A Message from Our Principal

Jane Edwards Elementary School is helping all students develop the world-class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by focusing our attention on how students learn best, by actively engaging them in their learning, and by providing more rigorous learning opportunities on a daily basis.  Lessons include increased higher-level reasoning skills, critical-thinking skills, and real-world problem-solving skills.  Students are expected to write, discuss, analyze, and summarize their thinking and their learning.  Age-appropriate lessons to support these expectations are in place for even our youngest students.  Students are reminded daily to always do their personal best.  Teachers have become facilitators of learning as students take greater responsibility and ownership of their learning and of their behavior.  Our expectations for both are both explicit and taught.  Students are now expected to actively participate in discussions of books they read and about math problems being solved in various ways. Students are asked to explain verbally and in writing how and why they choose answers to questions in all areas.  They write in lessons to increase rigor, to consider various perspectives, and to use text to support their ideas.  Students are taking the time and forethought to be sure they comprehend what they read instead of just calling words.  The educator our school is named after, Miss Jane Edwards, stated “I hope these students can read.  My students know how to read.”  We ask students to persevere when the thinking gets tough and the work gets hard by pushing themselves to use resources such as their peers, adults, technology, classroom tools, and other print and digital media to find solutions.  Students are expected to work with others respectfully and collaboratively.  Self-direction, follow through, positive work ethic, and meeting deadlines are valuable life and career skills.

Additionally, our faculty grows through continuous professional development.  This year's focus was training teachers on ways to teach math with a new Bridges program for our children in Kindergarten through Third grade.  Teachers are understanding new ways to teach math problems and learning number concepts so that our students are better prepared for their future. 

Here at Jane Edwards Elementary, we work hard to provide fun and engaging initiatives for reading and writing for our students and families.  Jane Edwards Elementary School has a new literacy theme for the 2017-2018 school term called Hunting for Wild Readers.  This literacy theme is focused on instilling lifelong “wild” reading habits in our students.   Starting in Child Development (pre-kindergarten) all the way up to sixth grade, teachers and students are reading or someone is reading to students.  So far, there has been great success with the new theme, Hunting for Wild Readers.

Jane Edwards Elementary School Total of Hours Students Read (teacher and student recorded reading logs) from August to October 2017:


Jane Edwards Elementary School- Fall 2017 DataAugust 17th to Oct. 31st

Child Development

43 hours of reading


113 hours of reading

1st Grade

200 hours and 30 minutes of reading

2nd Grade

140 hours and 30 minutes of reading

3rd Grade

148 hours and 48 minutes of reading

4th Grade

225 hours and 34 minutes of reading

5th Grade

213 hours and 49 minutes of reading

6th Grade

407 hours and 30 minutes of reading








We are fortunate to have a large number of faithful and dedicated volunteers who give enormous amounts of time, energy, and resources to our students and to our programs.  Our volunteers model these world-class skills and further encourage and help develop them in our students.  Last year, we had state winners from contests supported by the Edisto Art Guild and by the Great American Clean Up satellite office.  Opportunities such as our Journalism Club, Young Naturalists Club, Recycling Team, Helpers Club, Edisto Community Outdoor Classroom, Jane Edwards Garden and Monarch Butterfly Way Station, CS First Google Club, Miss Jane Edwards Pageant, Dance Club, Good News Club, cross-grade buddies, boat building, classroom iPad sets, and other projects provide times for students to be creative, innovative, self-starters, broad thinkers, and artistically expressive.  Our students have participated in Read for the Record, Summer Reading Program, Black History Month, District 23 STEM Festival, Poetry Alive, Dr. Seuss birthday activities, historical field trips to the Yorktown, Drayton Hall, Powder Magazine, The Charleston Museum, Statewide Weather Awareness drills, and Field Day.  Also, students at Jane Edwards Elementary participate in a variety of sports throughout the year to gain knowledge, experience, and teamwork.   Our PTO has worked hard this year to provide additional fun opportunities for students and families, opportunities to recognize and support academic achievers, and opportunities for parents to get more engaged in their child’s educational experience.  We commit to work closely with our students, parents, and community to ensure our students leave elementary school well on their way toward meeting the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.

Susan Miles, Principal

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